Strategic Sales

Oftentimes in technology companies the value of well-trained and properly managed sales functions are under-appreciated, or worse, fully ignored.  Strategic sales management is more than just a scattered approach to customer acquisition and revenue growth.  It is a comprehensive approach to profitable revenue that incorporates the many dynamics of the market.  I can help you define a clear sales strategy that ensures your sales team is driving the right behaviors and delivering results that matter.  

Corporate Engagement

Multiple studies have shown that improving employee engagement has a direct and positive impact on company performance.  How engaged are your team members?  What are ways you can drive increased engagement?  I can help you with engagement tools I've used regularly with amazing results.

Red Team Blue Team Exercises

Improve chances of success for your product or service by debating alternative courses of action early in the development cycle.  I'm always surprised at how many organizations dedicate valuable resources toward initiatives before running a systematic vetting process.  I can facilitate these sometimes passionate discussions to ensure the dialog is meaningful, constructive, and actionable.  When done well, this always leads to improved communication and engagement between teams.  

Strategy Formulation & Communication

I will work closely with you and your team to help you professionally formulate your company's strategy, and, more importantly, help you effectively disseminate it to the broader team.  A well thought-out strategy will only work if it is made aware to everyone.  I will provide you with communication tools that ensure the entire organization is crystal clear on the company's strategy and the role everyone plays in its execution.  

Business & Technology Partnerships

Sometimes the fastest way to achieve your goal is through meaningful partnerships.  I can help coordinate quality introductions and support partnership development and agreements with key technology players and industry experts.  I have close relationships with companies well-connected to many industries and expertise with government contracting.

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